Return and Shipping Policy

Return Policy 退換貨細則

If you find that the product(s) are damaged and need to be returned, please contact our company within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product(s), and provide information such as "name", "order number", "contact number or email", "name of returned product(s)", "reasons and photos of returned product(s)" and so on, and email to customer service staff will assist you to return the product(s) after receiving it.

如發現貨品損壞而有退貨需求,請於收到商品當日起計7天內聯絡本公司,並提供「姓名」、「訂單編號」、「連絡電話或電郵」、「退換貨商品名稱」、「退換貨原因及照片」等資料,電郵至 客服人員收到後將會協助您進行退換貨。


  • Only one exchange service is provided for each order. If after receiving the goods, customers find that there are quality problems or defective product(s), they must first inform our customer service staff to carry out relevant return procedures. It can be returned to our store after confirmation. *(No refund service)*

  • Please ensure that the product(s) and their packages are complete (including all labels/tags and original packaging boxes), and the following situations can’t be accepted for return:

    1. More than seven days from the date of receipt of the product(s).
    2. Goods have been unpacked for use, or damaged due to human factors, such as fouling, failure, damage, abrasion, scratch, and dirt.
    3.Slight damage to the outer packaging will not affect the quality of the product(s) itself.
    4. The packaging of returned product(s) is damaged or incomplete and the accessories are irregular.
    5. Malicious or mass returns.

    請確保商品及其包裝完整(含帶有所有標籤/吊牌及原始包裝盒),以下情況無法接受退貨: :
    1. 超過收到商品當日起計七天的商品鑑賞期。
    2. 商品已拆封使用,或因人為因素而產生的破壞,如:污損、故障、損毀、磨損、擦傷、刮傷、髒污。
    3. 外包裝輕微的損壞,不影響商品本身品質。
    4. 退貨商品包裝破損不完整配件不齊者。
    5. 惡意或大量退貨。
    • Before purchasing, please read carefully and choose the appropriate size. Products that have been sold, except for the damage problem, will not be returned if the size is not up to standard.

    • After confirming that the product(s) purchased by the guests meet the return requirements, a specialist  will contact you to arrange the relevant return procedures, and you need to arrange the third-party logistics to carry out the relevant return by yourself, and the freight for the exchange needs to be borne by the guests.

    • All pictures of product(s) are for reference only, and product(s) are subject to the real thing. Customers can't return the product(s) if they don't meet their personal preferences or the quality is not satisfactory.

    • No refund application will be accepted for product(s) purchased in advance.

    • In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right to make the final decision.



    Shipping policy 送貨細則

    * * For the time being, all product(s) in our shop only accept orders from within Hong Kong, and Macau while overseas orders are not accepted yet. **


    • All goods in our shop are only accepted to be delivered from Hong Kong by express delivery as specified by us. The basic freight has been displayed in the payment page when the customer places an order, and the customer's payment means that he agrees to pay the freight. Each order can only be delivered to the designated address once.

    • All spot orders will be processed within 1 working day. If your order is placed after the business hours of our company (10:00am-6:00pm), the order will be processed on the next working day. If it is an order for pre-order product(s), it will be delivered within the same day after arrival. If the order contains both spot product(s) and pre-order product(s), all the products will be delivered together after arrival. If the guest wants to send the spot goods first, all freight charges should be paid by the guest.

      所有現貨訂單均於 1 個工作天內處理。如果你的下單時間是在本公司營業時間 (10:00am - 6:00pm) 結束後,訂單則會於下一個工作日處理。如果是預訂貨品的訂單,將於到貨後即日內發貨,如訂單內同時包含現貨及預訂貨品,貨品將全部到齊才一併寄出。如客人想先寄出現貨,所有運費需由客人支付。 
    • Please ensure that the recipient's name, phone number and address in the order are correct. If the wrong information is provided, resulting in the delay in picking up the product(s) and the cost of theft by a third party, the customer shall be responsible for it.

    • No refund application will be accepted if the shipment is delayed due to the supplier's shipping date/delivery date.

      因供應商船期 / 貨期導致出貨延誤,均不接受退款申請。
    • After your order is delivered, we will send you your waybill tracking information by email.

    • In some areas, extra remote delivery fee is required, which should be paid by the guests.